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Perfect Holiday Drink: Choco Confetti Vodka!

Not everyone can take the taste of alcohol, and that's pretty understandable! I only started drinking after I graduated college and I started enjoying it  a bit only years after I had my first sip. This post is not to encourage drinking, I just want to share a mix that I love so much. An alcoholic drink does not have to always taste 'bad' and/or too much!
A video was shared to us some time ago and we though it would be nice to re-create the drink that we saw! We had all the ingredients so why the hell not, right? Ever since we discovered this, it instantly became our favorite mix! lol. 
What you will need: ♥ Shaker ♥ Ice ♥ Nutella (or any chocolate spread available) ♥ Vodka ♥ Baileys ♥ Sprinkles
It's VERY easy to make and VERY easy to drink. lol 
In your shaker with lots of ice, youjust have to...
Step 1: Pour 2 shot glasses full of vodka Step 2: Pour 1 shot glass full of Baileys Step 3: Add a teaspoon of chocolate spread Step 4: Shake really well Step 5: Dip the shot…

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