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Hello 2019!

Another year, another attempt to get this blog come back to life. I have a really positive feeling that this time, I'll be able to really post something at least once a month.

So, let me start by looking back at how my 2018 went. 
Last year has been, well, crazy. The first quarter of 2018 went by so fast. It was full of fun, new places that I got to visit, I allowed new people in my life and I did so many things for things for the first time. I was so grateful to have been part of the knowledge transfer project for the company that I was working for. After the business trip in Australia, I was able to travel to Cebu. Trekked for more than 4 hours. Jumped off waterfalls. It was just a magical quarter for me!

Second quarter, was the extreme opposite. All the happy thoughts, all the happy feelz that I collected for the first three months were nothing compared to what I had to go through in this next quarter. I had to drag myself to work. I almost couldn't feel hunger. I didn'…

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