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Infallable Pro Matte Gloss Review (Bare Attraction)

I love L'Oreal's Infallable Make Up Line, so even if I am no longer into glossy lippies, I decided to buy and try one the Pro Matte Glosses that the brand has. There was no change of heart, I am still and I think forever will be a matte lipstick kind of girl!
L'Oreal Matte Gloss. More than my love for he Infallable line, what drew me to this product and what made me really curious is the name. I mean, how can a gloss lipstick be matte? My original plan was just to swatch it when I happen to drop by a beauty store, but when I did, the beauty consultant said it was on sale, P100.00 ($2.50) off so am I to say no, right? It retails for P400.00, got it for P300.00
Since most of the brands were on sale on that specific weekend, there were only three shades available. I tried to convince myself to try a darker shade, but I just fell inlove with this brownish-coralish one! My type of MLBB shade, actually. 

Here it is compared to my all time favorite MAC Lipsticks. Kindy Sexy has …

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